How Interior Painting Can Increase A Home’s Value


Whether you’re selling your home independently or with the help of an agent, one of the easiest ways to increase the appeal and value is by repainting the interior.

Crunching The Numbers
This facelift will cost approximately $3,000-$6,000, based on national averages. But what about the return on investment? A better looking home, especially the interior, can help you score a bigger purchase price in less time.

Why Does Paint Affects Price?
Here are some common reasons:

  • Improved Lifestyle – a serene space starts with paint color as the foundation. Home designs are intricately tied to the quality of the owner’s lifestyle.
  • Emotional Health – Did you know that the paint color selected can improve the emotional health of those entering and occupying the home? Consider brighter colors in frequently used areas like the living and dining rooms. Bedrooms and bathrooms are considered retreats, and the most common colors in these spaces are neutrals.
  • Cleanliness – a well-groomed home will be distinctive of well-painted walls and ceilings, without cracks or stains. Clean walls ultimately suggest to the buyer that the home has been properly maintained.

Choosing the Right Color
What color should you choose? Real estate experts suggest using a mild yellow variety as it not only depicts the American dream, yellow offers a cheerier outlook to the potential buyer. Imagine new milestones – and new memories ahead. It’s safe to assume that most homebuyers want to envision a bright future in their new home, whether as a single, couple or family.

With new color marketing trends in real estate, homeowners can perform due diligence on the latest styles before getting started.

How To Paint
You can choose between DIY or hiring a professional, though the latter is recommended. Look into paint buying guides to select the type of primers, finishes, and colors that may be right for your home.

Other Considerations for Improved Home Value
Other places you may want to improve for the purpose of increasing the value is painting the siding; replacing windows to more energy-efficient varieties; improving the curb appeal with a landscaping company, and remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. Before the home appraiser is scheduled, however, one easy update that you can do within days is painting.

While there are no guarantees, a well-prepped home can certainly attract more potential buyers, with a significantly marked-up listing price. Check for fees and colors by comparison shopping online.