Transform Your Rooms with Ceiling Colors


When you are painting your home, you need to remember the ceiling. Often called the Forgotten Fifth Wall, some often do not give much thought to the contribution that the ceiling has to the overall design. The ceiling is most often just painted in some shade of white.

 It’s time to take a different look at your ceilings. Color, pattern, sheen, and even texture can transform the entire look of the room. So the next time you get ready to paint a room, look up! Here’s a look at some tips and ideas to help you create a wonderful new space.

 Add Warmth
 Sometimes, a large room that has high ceilings can feel unbalanced or impersonal. This is because the floor coverings, furnishing, and accessories generally draw the eye to the bottom part of the room, essentially leaving the ceiling looking bar.

 Try experimenting with a deeper shade for the ceiling. For instance, you can try a deep, rich color with a soft sheen, which will balance the large space. Your large room will have a more balanced and cozy feel.

 Dress it Up
 Try using glazes on your ceiling, even pearlescent or metallic finishes. Specialty plasters can also bring your ceilings to a new level. You can find plasters and other finishes that can texture and color, creating a very artistic look.

 Open Up the Space
 You can add a more spacious feel to smaller rooms, or those with lower ceilings by keeping the color contrasts to a minimum. For instance, if you paint your walls a wheat color with a pale yellow ceiling, your eyes will travel up without meeting a stark demarcation that can happen with a white ceiling.

 Also, for smaller rooms, choose a flat sheen ceiling paint. These finishes will absorb light and won’t reflect light to close up space by bouncing light off the ceilings.

 Finally, think of your ceilings as a blank canvas that will allow you to express yourself creatively. And, even better, you don’t have to worry about messy fingerprints or furniture damage on the ceiling. Best of all, painting your ceilings is a very inexpensive way to give any room a new and inviting look!

Whether you are painting your rooms yourself or working with a professional, make sure to include the ceilings, and you’ll soon be looking up in satisfaction when you realize how great your rooms look!